Strada Italia

The story of Strada Italia's journey towards a highly scalable custom ecommerce platform.

Project Overview

Strada Italia manufactures custom designed caliper covers for car enthusiasts across North America. Spending over a year doing extensive research and development they were ready to launch into the world.

Sprond helped Strada Italia design and develop an intuitive website that reflected their innovative brand and allowed both their end-consumers and distributors to view and purchase products.


With over a year invested into researching and developing their revolutionary caliper cover and touring trade shows across the country Strada Italia was finally ready to launch. However, just like their product their web presence needed to be innovative as well.

Their website needed to handle the heavy demand of purchases from the success of the trade shows. As well as resonate with end-consumers but not alienate distribution partners all while creating an intuitive and user friendly shopping experience.


To kick-start sales a custom ecommerce website was developed to allow end-users and distributors alike to purchase Strada Italia’s products. Key functionality :

  • Public facing ecommerce functionality to allow end-users to purchase products.
  • Create and adhere to strict branding guidelines in order to maintain consistency throughout a customer’s purchase.
  • Seemless integration with UPS and QuickBooks API to effortlessly scale business tasks from 1 to 1,000 orders.
  • Design a responsive front-end while maintaining cross-browser and cross-device functionality.
  • Develop a private distributor’s partner portal allowing for bulk purchase and payment management.
  • Build an advanced product recommendation engine for customers based on their vehicle’s make, model and year.
  • Implement a search engine friendly website architecture to acquire new customers and distribution partners.
  • Craft a conversion focused user experience to convert browsing visitors into customers.

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